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Our structure


The unknown force that pulls all the strings! We have to make sure that there is a harmonious internal communication between all members; some of the activities include organizing team meetings and weekend getaways.


The goal is to make the content of the event as diverse as possible – this includes the actual talks and performances and the wonderful people behind them. We are always in search of potential speakers and performers. When they are found we stay in frequent contact with them to prepare the respective talks and presentations.


Our team takes care of most of the work behind the scenes. We make sure that attendees have a roof over their head; food, drinks and coffee to accompany the TEDx talks; take care of stage design; organize and coach the whole team for the event day. We do lots of transportation and spend a lot of money.


The goal is to increase our online and offline presence in order to spread the TED spirit as far as we can. This includes creating content for our social medias; preparing posters and logos for the event; marketing in lecture halls; frequent contact with RWTH, AStA, FH and other TEDx groups!


At the Finance Team we take good care of the incomes and outcomes, sponsors, insurances and ticketing, so we can safely have a beautiful event.


We are the people of digital world. We use technology to make your life easy – this mainly includes website, ticket sales and some internal processes.