Become a partner

TEDxRWTH is an event for all students here in RWTH Aachen! Here interested people meet in a great place in an exciting atmosphere. Use the radiance of TED for your brand.

As a non-profit event organized by volunteers. We invest 100% of the income from ticket sales and the sponsorship money in the event, e.g. for renting the location, catering or filming. In short: Without sponsors, such an event could not be held.

Regular Tier:

Below 1000€

Sponsors below 1000€ are not included to the longterm sponsoring view of Aix Talks. These sponsors are only included to the TEDx event financing.
+ Social media presence
+ 2 VIP invitation

Bronze Tier

Cost: 1500€ p.a (1-3 years of contact length)

+ 2 VIP invitation
+ Named as partner on Website
+ Shown on AixCast Banner + Registration page
+ Flyer + Merchandise to be distributed during AixCast
+ FULL Social Media presence (complying with TED regulations)
+ TEDxRWTHAachen Sponsors Club Dinner at Main Event

Silver Tier

Costs: 2000€ p.a. (2-3 years of contract length)

All benefits above
+ Dedicated booth at AixCast
+ Industry exclusivity within our sponsors
+ Pitching at AixCast brakes
+ Invite to all Events by Aix Talks

Gold Tier 

Costs: 2500€ p.a. (2 years of contract length)

All benefits above
+ possibility of AixCast Name Sponsoring – e.g. (AixCasting 2023 presented by
+ Flyer and merchandise to be distributed at TEDx Event (Real Goodie Bag)
+ most viewable marketing position for all events